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Sound Testing
Sound insulation testing is the method used to measure the resistance of sound provided by an element of a building (such as a floor or wall) between dwellings. It essentially measures the effectiveness of the sound proofing treatment installed as part of a build or property development.

It has been a mandatory part of the Building Regulations for new build and refurbishment projects since Approved Document E was revised in 2003.

Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging surveys are carried out to identify the following defects:

  • Cold Buildings & Cold Room
  • Causes of Heat Loss
  • Causes of Draughts & Air Ingress
  • Assess Insulation Performance
  • Identify Thermal Bridging
  • Assess Performance of Windows & Frames
  • Causes of Damp & Water Ingress

Air Leak Testing
Air permeability tightness pressure testing is a method of measuring and quantifying the air leakage of a building. Too much air leakage leads to heat loss resulting in higher C02 emissions. Reducing C02 emissions is the purpose of ‘Part L’ of the new building regulations through air tightness testing, air leakage testing and air permeability testing. Testing the air tightness of existing dwellings can highlight areas of problems that can be treated cost effectively to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling as a whole.

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