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What is a Real Smart Home?

A Real Smart Home simplifies life in the home and minimises the need to manually control your house.

The home, built to provide a safe place to relax, sleep, and entertain, has undergone significant changes in recent times. A typical 21st century house has lots of devices and appliances which, when used properly, can make life easier for its occupants, maximising their comfort and minimising their energy consumption.

However, when these devices and appliances are too demanding of our time it quickly makes us want to return to the “good old days”.

A Real Smart Home is not a random collection of gimmicks. A product’s ability to be controlled via a smartphone does not make it a smart home, or even a smart home component. Many products on the market lack the ability to be integrated. This ability to be integrated, or to be guided by a conductor in order to offer greater functionality to the homeowner, is the basis for a truly smart home.

Essential features of a 21st century home:

  • Lighting
  • Room Comfort
  • Safety & Security
  • Access Control
  • Shading
  • Multimedia

All of these features together can be regarded as an orchestra. An orchestra only works when everything is in harmony. An orchestra also has a conductor, who is responsible for directing all of the musicians.

In a smart home, the conductor is the Loxone. It turns the individual features and components into one overall unit that is harmoniously coordinated. As far as possible, every component and system within the home should perform its duties automatically, without manual intervention. When completed, this orchestra provides something truly holistic: A Real Smart Home.

For initial design to final install, our dedicated team will expertly guide you through the world of the connected home. From wirelessly streaming music to voice controlling all aspects of your home.

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